Hot Sale ♥ Magic Blanket Babies Unicorn Assortment

Hot Sale ♥ Magic Blanket Babies Unicorn Assortment
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  • Contents: 1 doll, 1 blanket, 1 bottle, 1 adoption certificate and 1 instruction booklet
  • When your baby is detached from her blanket, you can also rock, pat, or bounce the blanket to hear music!
  • Over 80 sounds and reactions
  • Batteries required: 3 x AAA (included)

Product Description

Discover Magic Blanket Babies, mystery plush babies hidden in magic blankets! Magic Blanket Babies feature an exciting surprise reveal and unbundle themselves! With one of two possible babies inside each purple blanket, you won’t know which soft baby doll you’re getting until you start to play with her.

Rock, bounce, flip and pat your bundle to encourage your baby to open. She responds to your touch and reacts differently to each movement with cute baby sounds and phrases! As you continue to play with your baby bundle, you’ll hear a special song when she’s ready to unbundle. Once the music stops, the blanket pops open, revealing which stylish 23cm baby is inside: Unicorn or Princess!

Each baby’s outfit has satin fabrics and shimmery accents matching her unique theme – she’s so pretty! While she’s attached to her blanket, your baby’s sounds and phrases will guide your pretend play. Easily rebundle her when she asks to play peek-a-boo! Connect both sides of the blanket with the clasp and wait for her to unbundle! Bounce her to get her excited, pat her to make her happy, and if she asks to dance, continue to bounce her and she’ll play her music!

Rebundle your baby and repeat her reveal again and again! Wrap her in her soft blanket and rock her to sleep in your arms or feed her with her glittery bottle. If you pat her back, she may even burp! After playtime, remove your baby from her blanket base and snuggle up with her as a cuddly plush toy at bedtime.